Core Aims and Values:


To understand that each learner has his/her own individual needs and differentiate accordingly.

Practical learning

To provide focused lessons in small groups, at appropriate levels to maximise each student's progress during the course.

Open school

To provide a safe, stimulating and enriching environment where everyone is able to enjoy his/her learning experience.

Community involve

To encourage active participation in the school community through a range of social activities, trips and events.

Online resources

To provide all students with a customised blended learning platform to consolidate the learning process outside of the classroom.


To provide a caring environment in our host families and in the school, in which students can feel safe and supported.


As a multicultural school, all staff and students must understand and tolerate different cultural backgrounds, race, religions and so on. Discrimination of any form is unacceptable.


At Oxford English Academy, the teachers and staff will provide the academic input and support required to make progress, but it is each individual’s responsibility to study outside of class, speak English with friends and host families and engage with the teacher.


It is important to note that every country has different customs and traditions. The UK will likely be different from your country. Students should embrace learning these new ways of life and realise that some aspects may be new and unfamiliar to begin with.


Learning with Oxford English Academy provides the opportunity to form part of a community. Take advantage of this, make friends from new countries, attend social activities and excursions and speak English as much as possible.